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Tech recruitment difficulties and how to overcome them in 2019

In terms of tech recruitment trends, 2019 has had recruiters and tech companies face off new challenges. Whoever said that recruiting isn’t hard work, especially in 2019, should give it a try at least for a day ? This year has brought new twists and turns for Recruiters, pushing them to rethink some of their methods and the way they engage and attract candidates.

A war of talent, as many may say, where you have to bring your A game, where you have to come up with new strategies, where you should start to use different tools  in order to find the best candidate to fill the position. Recruitment today means being a good sourcer, as well as a good salesman and marketer.

Let’s see what the top recruiting challenges plaguing professionals and how to overcome them.

Hiring in slow motion. Yes, it’s still happening

We can safely say that a tech professional finds a job in approximately 2 weeks. Therefore, in order to succeed, an efficient process must be defined right from the get-go and have everyone involved fully aware of it.

What we need to understand right now is the requirement to modernize the tech recruitment process, making it less bloated and dull. Why are we mentioning this? Because delaying this evolution leads down to a single probable outcome – missing great potential candidates and having to settle for less qualified people. And let’s face it, nobody wants that.

Handling a lot of requests at the same time

Yes, tech recruitment is a stressful job and you need to fulfill all the positions tomorrow if it’s possible. Balancing the speed of hiring with quality is also a challenge that recruiters are facing right now. Agility may be one of the keywords for successfully recruiting tech professionals. A Kanban based organization has helped us a lot working and successfully delivering projects to our clients. It helps taking a little bit of the pressure from the recruiters’ shoulders, allowing them to be more creative and have a positive attitude during the recruitment process and, of course, deliver quicker and better candidates.

Skilled candidates are a scarce resource

Delivering highly capable candidates in a short time span is one of the biggest challenges a recruiter faces in this moment.

In order to reach those candidates, as a recruiter, you should make sure that you have all the data needed to successfully sell that position. That means technical requirements, budget, project-specific challenges, expected soft skills and so on.  In the recruitment business, it’s not only the recruiters’ job that is important, but your employer branding and your company culture raise the stakes.

Pay attention to your online reputation! Social media has become a double-edged sword for every company because of the transparency between the organization and clients. Checking the brand’s reputation is a new approach in which we decide as a customer or employee.  Communicate to the candidates your companies’ values throughout the entire recruitment process.

We are in a candidate-driven market, so you need to attract them and convince them to join you.

Also, nowadays recruiters need to use the appropriate tools in order to complement their skills and become data centric. In today’s fast-changing business environment, the use of data has become an important tool in order to have a better strategy. Not to mention that having this ability to use and analyze data can give you a competitive advantage, making better choices in candidates etc.

Some of the key metrics that are a part in the recruitment and hiring process and that you should focus your energy on are: time to hire, the cost per hire, the candidate’s involvement and ratings, etc.

In the end, we are in a “war of talent”.  It is a struggle to recruit and retain candidates, so the key is to adapt, be more flexible, continuously change your approach and embrace new strategies.

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