The new code editor is here

Someone said once “from small beginnings come great things” and reality is here to prove it. 2 years ago, when we first decided to launch a coding platform specially designed for programmers who enjoy a good puzzle and have a problem-solving mindset, the enthusiasm was high but now it’s almost contagious. Why? Well, because of the feedback received from the community. It helped a lot and we thank you all for it.

Following your feedback, we are now launching a brand new interface for our code editor. We developed a friendlier interface for you to solve the algorithms and directly write your code.

Code editor source: Ace – The High Performance Code Editor for the Web

Programming languages currently available: Java, C#, PHP, C and C++, Python and Ruby.

Coming soon: JavaScript

atom What’s new?

  • The interface
  • The console output
  • Altogether, a new code editor that allows you to save your code no matter if you decide to change the language or even to close your browser. An editor that will better assist you in writing your solution through features like autocomplete, syntax error and of course better syntax highlighting. And of course a responsive design and a better organization for you to have at ease the exercise.

assess_techno_of_the_week  Skill Map

Please keep in mind how each score is calculated. More exactly on these 4 criteria:

  • Accuracy – the proportion between passed/total functional tests
  • Efficiency – the number of compilations
  • Speed – the time needed to finish the exercise
  • Know-how – the cyclomatic complexity of your code

After calculating your score as described above, your results will be automatically integrated within your profile along with the skill map for every completed exercise. See below how the new skill map looks like:

Because we are always looking for ways to improve, we welcome your suggestions (in our Inbox, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) so that we can continue this process together. So, if you want to be part of the adventure, don’t hesitate to send us your feedback

Champions keep playing until they get it right. Right?