Coding Challenges can Help you Land your Dream Job. Here’s Why

It seems like every day a brand-new platform is popping up with fresh coding challenges for programmers to test their skills in the hottest, latest technology. Whether just for fun or to see if you’ve got what it takes against the competition to land your dream job, these kinds of challenges are a great way to test your programming prowess.

But, what are the real-life benefits to coding challenges?

  1. Sharpen your Technical Toolset

Solving algorithms and puzzles against the clock is a sure-fire way help to you develop problem solving and algorithmic skills. You can use your results in these kinds of test to benchmark yourself against other software developers. Every coder should learn how to think under pressure, and these tests can help you practice.

  1. Prepare for Interviews

Companies are using coding challenges now more than ever to effectively vet and hire talented programmers. Why? These challenges provide companies with a succinct snapshot of the way you work as well as how you approach & solve problems.

These tests also mimic the same environment in which you’d be working once hired.  As the world collectively moves to a remote way of work to flatten the COVID-19 curve, businesses are relying more on tests like these to make the most informed, unbiased decisions about who to bring onto their technical teams.

Most of our own clients use SkillValue coding challenges when recruiting and in making final hiring decisions, many point to the final scores of applicants on quizzes as being the primary deciding factor.

Complete our tests and get certified. Boost your CV and get noticed by recruiters by publishing the certificate to your LinkedIn profile.


What is a coding challenge?

A coding challenge is a coding exercise, an algorithm, that you have to solve in a specific amount of time. If it’s used in a recruitment process then the algorithm will have to be solved in a certain technology, depending on the position that you applied.

If you are searching to solve some online coding challenges for fun, to improve your skills or to prepare for an interview, then you should know that every exercise will be available in different technologies, so you can choose the one that you’re comfortable with.

How to get better at coding challenges

Well, of course, by solving as many as you can! This month we launched a new challenge available in Romania:


JS Marathon – If you are from Romania, then join us in a new adventure. Solve the React.js & Node.js. quiz.

You can win a 500 RON eMag voucher.

?‍♀️ Run your JS skills! ?‍♂️

Monthly Coding Challenges

In addition to Freelancing and Recruitment, we offer users assessment services, including access to our entire catalog of quizzes and coding challenges. It’s just one of the things we do here at SkillValue – and we’re proud of it.

“The challenge was fun, I felt like I could finally put my algorithm and data structures experience and to use!

“I’ve solved challenges just like these for my interviews at Google. ” Georgi M, winner ‘Repetition Game London’

120 contests, 4,800 minutes of coding, 8 technologies – Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, C#, C, C++ and over 120,000 participants from all around the globe. And, we’re are not stopping anytime soon.

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