Machine Learning Testing When Robots are No Longer Fiction, It’s Time to Keep Skills Sharp.

Machine Learning Testing: When Robots are No Longer Fiction, It’s Time to Keep Skills Sharp.

As the era of Machine Learning (ML) has already gained significant traction and many companies are using its mechanism to their advantage, machine learning skills are an increasingly sought-after asset.

Algorithms used in Machine Learning can help companies identify critical insights in data, create connections between two actions to make a prediction based on their frequency, find patterns and detect abnormalities in data. As it shows, Machine Learning plays a key part in the decision-making process.

This makes machine learning testing an important aspect to consider whether you are a company planning to set up a healthy business strategy or a developer aiming to build a portfolio that makes you stand out.

It’s All about Teaching Machines to Learn

Today many sources predict that companies will start spending more on machine learning and artificial intelligence in the next couple of years. In this case, the machine learning assessment of each candidate should be conducted to determine their level and strong/weak points. Hence, we include the latest trends and major know-hows in our software quizzes and challenges.

Jobs related to Machine Learning require certain abilities that candidates should have. Professionals who work in this field are closely familiar with:

  • At least one programming language
  • ML algorithms
  • Best practices of the Software Engineering
  • Probability & Statistics

Machine Learning Testing, Roll Out!

Machine Learning testing on the SkillValue platform covers a variety of subjects, including: Supervised/Unsupervised Artificial Neural Networks, commonly used algorithms and techniques, Tf.Keras and more. Machine Learning tests are available in various levelsand allow Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists to assess a wide list of skills, ranging from general concepts and specialized programming languages to specific ML tools.


Machine Learning testing is often related to the evaluation of the Python competencies. Python is described by good readability and less complexity in addition to a full-featured library line. As Machine Learning is built upon complex algorithms, the easiest way to write them is by using Python.  On the SkillValue platform, you will find Python quizzes with different difficulty levels to test your Python skills as a developer or to assess your Python candidates’ knowledge if you are a company.

#Machine Learning

If you want to test overall theoretical knowledge on this topic and the ability to apply algorithms, we suggest you a general Machine Learning Quiz. Here is an example of one question from the Machine Learning Quiz medium level available on the SkillValue platform:


Try for free our Machine learning quizzes as a company to assess your ML candidates or as a coder to measure your ML knowledge.


When it comes to Machine learning, Google’s TensorFlow is the most used AI framework. From its release in 2015, TensorFlow has been applied to bring innovative ideas to life. Self-driving cars, image recognition and speech recognition wouldn’t be possible without this open-source software library.  Example of a question from the SkillValue TensorFlow quiz medium level:


Try for free the TensorFlow quiz by creating your Company account or Coder account on the SkillValue platform.

Machine Learning Assessment: What’s Next on SkillValue

Since Machine Learning has been gaining in popularity, at SkillValue we are constantly imagining new ways of improving the skill testing experience and providing wider coverage of the technical subjects to answer your needs. 420 professionals have already passed SkillValue quizzes related to Machine learning and 14 companies have relied on our Machine Learning assessment. What’s in it for you? When assessing Machine Learning skills on the SkillValue platform companies receive a detailed overview of their candidates’ abilities in this field. At the same time, developers can easily determine their level on their own. And that’s not all! Skill benchmarking is also available, allowing to measure individual performance against the community of technical profiles having passed the same test.

Do you speak ML? Stick around for a new addition to our catalog coming up soon! We will include Numpy, the starting point of Data Pre-processing and later on skills related to the implementation of Machine Learning algorithms. Now we are also working on creating an accurate R language quiz.

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