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How can SmartQuizzes be used to recruit developers?

SkillValue SmartQuizzes are multi-stack technical tests that cover a range of skills, randomised so each applicant receives a unique set of questions. The process happens in 3 steps.
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Step #1 – Create a quiz testing multiple skills (up to 30 questions) on the  technical competencies you need (Angular, React, Java, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, etc). The test will be added to the list of available tests for your next assessment campaigns.

Skillvalue tests - Smartquiz

Step #2 – Import your list of applicants so they can receive their invitations to take the test, or manually enter the applicant(s) you wish to evaluate.

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Step #3 – Complete your assessment campaign by personalising the emails you send to applicants. You can even share the URL for your campaign on social media to source even more applicants. That way, new applicants will be able to sign themselves up in your SkillValue application and take your tests.
Campaign - SkillValue

  • Each applicant will take a unique SmartQuiz, with questions that have been randomly selected from the pool of SkillValue questions
  • Each applicant has one chance and a limited amount of time to take the test
  • In the test report you will see the time the applicant spent on each question, and whether he or she exited the test to browse elsewhere

Evaluating Technical Skills for IT Recruiting

Evaluating the technical skills of web developers, especially those with limited experience, is an industry-wide practice accepted by most applicants, as evidenced by the number of tests taken compared to the number sent.

And yet, many hiring managers still ask the IT department or the Team Leaders to conduct initial technical interviews with applicants who are not qualified for the position. This is a waste of time for the development teams as well as the applicants.

Often, even if the company has its own “in-house” technical tests, they are not maintained or updated due to a lack of time. They are administered on paper or on a board, which means
a technical expert must spend time correcting the exercises.

For all these reasons, IT departments and hiring professionals are increasingly turning to technical test platforms like SkillValue.

Do you have your own technical tests? SkillValue will integrate them into the HR application for free.

About integrating your technical tests:

  • Up to 20 different tests may be integrated for free; each additional test will cost €30 (before taxes).
  • You may request personalised tests combining our questions with those you provided

Why transition from paper tests to online SkillValue tests?

  • The first name, last name and date are automatically filled in by the SkillValue application
  • The applicant will have 30 minutes max and may only take the test once
  • You can decide when to make the test available to the applicant, so the assessment campaign will finish at the time of your choosing
  • If the applicant leaves the SkillValue test interface, you can see how much time he or she spent outside the application for each question
  • The test report for the applicant is sent automatically as soon as he or she has finished, listing the total time spent, the time spent on each question and the detailed set of answers
  • The applicant’s answers to open-ended questions will be displayed in the test report, just as they were entered by the applicant in the test interface
  • The applicant’s score is calculated automatically based on their answers to the multiple-choice questions