Client testimonial – offline hackathon at 3DVIA

ITtestsOnline, the skills assessment platform, runs internal and external hackathons (offline or online) for multiple purposes, bringing to the core of your coders’ day-to-day development your business needs: setting up team buildings inside your company, designing and prototyping a new product, assessing the skills of your teams in order to prepare custom training plans, or gaining visibility on the market by solving real-life coding problems your company is actually facing.

Our teams organized an internal hackathon last year in Paris for a software company 3DVIA part of the Dassault Systems Group. What our client needed at the time was to evaluate the C++ and PHP coding skills of their teams in order to prepare training programs for each one of them according to their specific individual needs.

The hackathon lasted one day and the teams had to solve different exercises having as a theme the Survival Gene. More exactly, they had to write code in order to help their gene survive and become immortal.

The experience was complex for both us and our client, being the first event of this type organized at the client’s premises.

Here’s our client’s testimonial after this event:

“The team helped us to see, through a nice and intense coding event, where our employees needed us to invest in them, depending on their expertise and not their seniority level.

In a world of technology that is changing so rapidly we should always be aware of our employees’ needs and abreast of all the changes because our applications need to be up-to-date in order to respond to all our clients’ needs. We, as a company, develop 3D solutions, meaning that it is critical to us to be always prepared and have the knowledge necessary to implement different features in our own applications or client applications.

The ITtestsOnline team showed a lot of professionalism in developing this Hackathon, and, moreover, they had the ability to change in the morning before the hackathon its entire design. We, as a client, decided one day before the event that we needed something different from what had been initially discussed, and they amazingly redesigned all the hackathon in only 2 hours! When we approached them with this new need on such short notice we thought that it would be impossible to accomplish this. But they managed to do it with professionalism and the hackathon was a real success, and totally matched our needs.

We were very satisfied with this collaboration, the work they provided, their proactive attitude and ability to adapt to their client’s needs, not to mention the evaluation their provided for each one of our employees.”