Author: Aurelia Tudor

Recruitment Services to Support Outstanding Clients With Custom Staffing Solutions: Two Winning Examples!

recruitment services - skillvalue

It might sound cliché, but it’s still a fact: teamwork makes the dream work. And a strong partnership always exceeds expectations. This is exactly the reason why our clients choose SkillValue’s recruitment services platform. And we’re delighted to share that the tech and business communities recently recognized two of our outstanding clients. AI-Enabled Solutions for […]

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Techno of the week – Laravel

“Whether you’re a solo developer or a 20 person team, Laravel is a breath of fresh air. Keep everyone in sync using Laravel’s database agnostic migrations and schema builder.” This would be the motto of Laravel. Laravel is a free, open source, PHP framework. It was created for the web artisans by Taylor Otwell, a […]

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We learn together – and we raise our SkillValue

The context Over the course of the last 8 years, we’ve ran hundreds of experiments aiming to understand and support the members of the IT&C community in their professional endeavors. It’s their desire to understand their current technical level, align their expectations accordingly and further improve their skills, which drives more than 15000 developers worldwide […]

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From Programmer to Entrepreneur: Daniel Kaufman’s Brooklyn Labs

Having been mentored by a MIT professor, Daniel Kaufman is a new breed of entrepreneur dedicated to transforming ideas into sustainable business models. With 20+ years working in software and hardware, he is founder and CEO of Brooklyn Labs, a global think tank headquartered in Brooklyn, offering mobile app development services. Originally from Boston, Daniel has […]

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