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SkillValue Technical Test Packs – Your new IT evaluation tool

The world of digital innovation is currently moving at lightning speed. To keep pace, it is necessary to surround yourself with a team of talented tech professionals who employ and can master the latest technologies. Working with a stellar tech team is the only way guarantee you’re 100% happy with your product and its ability to meet the needs of your users.

SkillValue is here to provide HR managers and IT recruiters alike a solution to simplify & streamline the recruitment process – Technical Tests Packs.




Comprehensive Catalog. Objective Technical Skill Testing

To ensure the technical aptitude of your applicants SkillValue offers the use of our technical test packs, designed to evaluate the exact skills you need to make your digital project a success.

From essential programming languages to complex frameworks, several hundred technical tests are available on the SkillValue SaaS platform to help you make sure your candidates are evaluated accurately and holistically.

SkillValue’s catalog is comprehensive, offering you a complete view of your applicants’ skills whether they perform at a junior, intermediate or senior level. With more insight into your candidates’ technical abilities, you can recruit with ease, optimize your costs and reduce the time to market of your digital product.


Before specializing in either Front-End, Back-End or Full-Stack, a developer should have a firm grasp on technologies such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL or Angular. Our Web Technologies pack features a number of quizzes on these programming languages and their frameworks.


Our Front-End technical test pack includes 38 JavaScript code exercises and 40 JavaScript quizzes covering domains such as Sencha, Angular, Backbone, Electron, Marionette or Vue.js to gauge your applicant’s knowledge on website optimization and responsive web design.


With 144 JAVA tests, 84 PHP tests and over 40 Python tests and many more, you can test your applicant’s knowledge in Back-End development. Our skill-targeted tests will allow you to source and handpick the ideal candidate(s) to spearhead projects on IoT, embedded development and database control.


One of the more elusive and sought-after skillsets – the Full-Stack developer. With a highly versatile and complete set of skills, Full-Stack developers can ideally carry out a project from A to Z. Our Full-Stack test packs include tests based on Front and Back-End technologies as well as databases and application architecture.


Before developing a mobile application, you first have to determine whether it will be native (developed for a specific platform i.e iOS, Android) or hybrid (developed for multiple platforms). To evaluate the applicant who will spearhead the development of your app, our mobile technical test pack includes tests covering Android, Kotlin, Swift, Ionic, C #, HTML and JavaScript.


How do you go about interpreting and simplifying all the data your company receives on the daily basis? How do you harness that information in order to provide your users a personalized experience? This is where Big Data and AI comes in. SkillValue’s Big Data/AI test packs cover a wide spectrum of skills including Cloud, Spark & Scala, Machine Learning and IoT.




SkillValue Technical Tests Packs – Start your Campaign in Minutes.

The SkillValue SaaS platform has 400+ tests and over 10,000 questions that are ready for HR managers and tech recruiters to use, out-of-the-box.

How it Works:

  • To begin, select the test type you wish to administer by entering a tag, category or skill level.
  • Choose which test(s) best fit your search among those suggested, then fill in the specifics for your campaign: name of the campaign, tests included, names of all candidates, and a customized message candidate will see once they receive a test.
  • A campaign landing page will be created with your company logo and a registration form (first, last name & email) which is easily sharable on social networks.

Technical tests can be taken on-site or remotely on multiple devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Depending on the test, candidates will have between 20-40 minutes to answer all the questions. Once a test is completed, results are immediately sent to you by email and will also be displayed on your SkillValue dashboard.

Results include:

  • The overall score of the candidate
  • A ranking of your candidate next to others who completed the same test
  • Time spent on each question
  • Number of attempts to run code
  • SkillValue works to help companies like yours recruit the right candidates to get your product on the market on time and within your budget.


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