5 Ways to Spice Up Your Freelance Profile and Land Better Jobs

In recent years, freelancing has gained popularity among workers who want to earn more money, choose their own projects, and have a more flexible schedule. So, how do you get noticed by potential clients? Is there a way to make your freelancer profile stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips for tweaking your profile to present the best version of yourself:

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1. Write a Catchy, Yet Concise Description

Your “About Me” section is the first thing potential clients notice about your profile, so your main goal is to grab their attention and make a great first impression. Instead of listing your previous projects, try answering the following questions:

  • What value do you add to a project?
  • How can you help the client achieve results?
  • What kinds of clients have you already helped?
  • In which technologies and industries do you specialize?
  • What makes you a unique candidate?

Here’s an example of a description that can showcase your strengths:

“As a direct result of my expertise in business process engineering, enterprise program management, and Lean product development/SDLC management, companies have launched successful multi-million dollar digital platforms and well-positioned products in the marketplace. One of my strongest skills is managing and leading others with clear and open communication, fostering cooperation, and team accomplishment.  I’m interested in innovation, the next frontier of facilitation and active program management where PMs are the drivers of success through their ability to listen and communicate the stakeholder’s vision.  I achieve this through solid consumer-centric skillset, well-organized PM Iron Triangle (budget, scope, and time) focused frame of reference, and superior body of work during the entire product lifecycle.”

2. Match Your Profile to the Job You Want

You worked hard to gain your professional skills and are proud of each of them. But will your client appreciate this abundance of information in your profile? Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely.  Each client is looking for a precise set of skills, and most know their exact expectations when it comes to recruiting a new team member.

Using relevant keywords in your freelancer profile and mentioning similar previous experience is a sure way to attract projects that are a good match for your skillset. Start by listing your skills in a neat, bullet-point format.

A freelancer profile like the one below shows clients exactly the kind of services that you can provide:


Is this profile perfect? Not quite, but it does the job. You can improve yours by keeping it at 200 characters or less. Potential clients are more likely to read a shorter profile.

3. Choose a Professional Photo

Let’s be real, people aren’t reading your freelancer profile because of how you look; they want to find a trustworthy collaborator. To keep the focus on your skills and not your looks, all freelancers should:

  • Upload a recent profile photo
  • Choose a photo with a warm, natural smile
  • Take a headshot where your face is visible
  • Wear professional, business-appropriate clothes

4. Highlight Your Most Relevant Projects and Skills

Everyone wants to make the best impression they can, but mentioning gigs that only lasted for a few weeks may not be relevant. Keep your profile fresh by avoiding unnecessary, outdated details and instead, include skills related to the jobs you want.

5. Be Specific, Meticulous, and Active

Proofreading your profile is always a good idea to avoid mistakes that could hurt your professional reputation. Also, remember to certify your skills and stay up-to-date with competencies outlined in your freelancer profile.

Have you created your freelance profile for the new decade? What are you waiting for? Don’t miss exciting career opportunities!

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