3 Reasons Why Technical Freelancers Need A Freelance Coach

Technology continues to move leaps and bounds. The way we carry out development today has changed significantly, year over year, and is showing no signs of slowing down. At the same time, freelancers must continuously improve their sales pitch, identify new streams of business and ultimately create a continual influx of work. In light of all the challenges’ freelancers face, is the glaring need for more mentorship.

Mentoring is, at its very core, the concept of an individual sharing their knowledge, skills and/or experience, to help others progress

In all walks of life, mentoring can prove to be an extremely valuable resource. Whether being mentored, mentoring others, or both –  the sense of reward, greater understanding and ultimately effective career progression is highly significant. So, let’s delve a little deeper into the three reasons freelancers, just as much (if not more than anyone else) need a coach.

You Have to be Able to Sell

Balancing recruiting

The best freelancers in the world are only as good as the clients they can secure. The art of selling is very different from the art of development and yet both are just as important in the world of freelance developers.

Without the ability to sell yourself, your skills and your potential – you are unlikely to secure the contracts you require. On the flip side, without the skills required as a developer, you won’t be able to deliver what the client needs. This 1-2 punch of skills in both sales and development is vital but it’s often the sales skills freelancers lack.

Having a mentor who has already been through the pitching-presentation process, will provide you with extremely valuable insight and advice on how to improve your sales technique. Whether it be through the tools you use (such as your CRM system and outreach approach), or the pitching itself over a video call or in a meeting, a mentor with experience in these areas will provide first-hand, unique and invaluable advice.

You Need to Evolve with Technology

As a freelance developer, your ability to keep up to date with technology trends, techniques, approaches and ultimately technologies themselves.


Failure to evolve, not practicing continuous learning and developing your skills approach, will cost you your business in the long-term.

For the first couple of years, you might be able to get away with it. But, in time you will realize that the skills your potential clients are looking for no longer align with the skills you have.

Staying on top of tech trends and continuous learning is difficult.

Time restraints often don’t allow you to perform in-depth research into breaking technologies. And, sometimes you might find that once you’ve figured out what you need to learn – you’re already fighting a losing battle in trying to get up to speed. In these types of cases, having a mentor in your industry – who, ideally has a greater seniority and experience, would provide enormous value.

Having a mentor who can share their advice on relevant, evolving technologies, what to learn and how to learn, is a fruitful and crucial part of a freelancer’s success.

You Need to Create Business by Affiliation


A freelancer who can scale their revenue streams further than their own development time, will ultimately succeed, financially.

If you can find a way to monetize the projects you don’t take on, on top of those you do, you’ll find yourself in an incredible financial position. Referrals that aren’t limited to your own knowledge, skills, and ultimately your availability, are a brilliant way to expand your business.

With  SkillValue’s affiliate scheme you can generate a significant amount of additional revenue. Having a mentor to support you with this and guide you on referring the right candidates can further your financial success.

How Can You Find a Freelance Coach?

Finding a mentor seems like it might be a challenge. However, fortunately, PushFar’s online mentoring network has thousands of professionals in a wide-range of industries, who have signed up to mentor others. You can register free and be connected to the ideal mentor for you. At the same time, you can volunteer to mentor others, give back and share your knowledge as well.