JavaScript Coding: Take It to the Limit

All technologies are created equal, but this rule may not apply to JavaScript. Am I implying that one technology is better than all of the others? Not at all! What I’m trying to say is that JavaScript coding is beloved by the developer community, and this fact is not about to change anytime soon. So, how sharp are your JavaScript skills? Is your knowledge up-to-date?

When is the best time to start improving your skills? You probably already know the answer; it’s now. If you start today, trust me, it will pay off.

Take the first step by assessing your JavaScript coding skills !

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Plan Your Career Goals

The career planning process takes time, but it’s helpful to at least start by reflecting on long-term and short-term goals. Based on your goals, you’ll be able to determine which topics deserve more of your attention.

Each of us has only 24 hours at our disposal every day, so knowing how to prioritize is a must. Focus on improving skills that you’ll use in the near future.

Read Blogs, Technical Books, and News Feeds on Software Development

To keep up with the latest trends and know exactly where the developer community is heading, follow a variety of online sources with the latest news and most relevant content on the subject. It can make a big difference.

Try making a list of blogs that regularly post about software development and have a light reading session for 30 minutes every day; it’s a good way to start your workday.

Not a fan of blogs? Well, in this case, reading books is a great way to ensure that your skills always stay sharp. If you prefer to listen to your content, there are plenty of audiobooks and podcasts available on these topics.

Of course, today you can find many useful resources, but in my opinion, all JavaScript enthusiasts should read these five books in 2020:

  • “A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript” by Mark Myers;
  • “JavaScript: The Good Parts” by Douglas Crockford;
  • “Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript” by David Herman;
  • “Programming JavaScript Applications: Robust Web Architecture with Node, HTML5, and Moderns JS Libraries” by Eric Elliott;
  • “JavaScript Allongé, the “Six” Edition” by Reg “raganwald” Braithwaite.

Pass Regular Skill Assessments

Knowing your weak points is better than having none. Regular skill assessments are the easiest way to see how to channel your efforts.

Also, quizzes and coding competitions are a great way to maintain your skills. In other words, they allow you to practice and evaluate competencies that you may not be currently applying to a project.

And, if you’re looking for new projects, regular assessments will help you determine which are the best fit for you. Test yourself on these skills to get the best projects in the future:

Attend Events, Conferences, and Coding Camps

Whether you have an introverted or extroverted personality, community events are valuable for your career. Have you ever considered joining meetup events? You have nothing to lose.

First, you’ll have fun spending time with professionals from different fields. And now that most tech conference have moved online, it’s even easier to join them from the comfort of your home.

It’s an efficient way to keep up with the general community spirit and learn more about the latest trends or how your preferred technology has evolved.

Complete JavaScript Coding Challenges

JavaScript Coding Challenges can benefit your career. They’re “an adventure” that any developer should go on from time to time. Coding Challenges are an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills and “get recognized” in the IT community. Plus, they’re so much fun!

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