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Defining the Java developer profile: what to expect in a Java developer job description

Java is a widely-used programming language that enables the creation of high-performance client-server applications using the Java EE platform. Anyone who chooses to specialize in Java should master the language to truly stand out.

From creating secure mobile banking solutions to changing the way we shop, Java has been used to create countless web applications we use every day.

The following are some of the main elements you should expect in a Java developer job description. 

What types of projects make up a JAVA developer’s portfolio?

A Java Developer creates custom-built apps based on their client or employer’s requirements using Java. The developer should strictly adhere to the project specifications drawn up by the project manager.

Testing, maintenance and updates are also vital aspects of a Java developer’s everyday grind.

Job descriptions for JAVA developer positions can cover requirements for a wide range of development projects, including but not limited to: SaaS solutions, custom web platforms for e-commerce, education, travel etc, IoT and M2M applications in smart energy, robotics, home automation and more.

What skills does a Java Developer job description include?

Besides having a strong grasp on Java, it is recommended that a Java developer learns complementary skills to boost their resume and possibly help in future projects.

Some of the additional skills valued are the ability to master database operation and functionalities of the Java EE app development platform.

Frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, SmartGWT or Hybris might be required, depending on project specificity. Also, knowledge of Cloud platforms or Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment tools might be also expected from a JAVA developer.

The job description of an experienced JAVA developer may also cover advanced knowledge of Big Data tools, such as Apache Kafka, Spark or Hadoop. Implementation of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence algorithms might also be on a JAVA developer’s list of required skills.

It all depends on the project requirements.

What training does a Java Developer position require?

A Java specialization calls for strong IT skills, usually a college degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or Software Engineering. Previous education at an engineering school is recommended even if the chosen discipline is not computer science. Other courses are also seen as helpful too, such as a degree in Applied Computer Methods, Applied Mathematics, Robotics, Mechatronics or Electrical Engineering. .

A Java developer should also be eager to learn new things and frequently consume material to stay updated with the latest industry information.  It requires spare time that any developer should spend trying to peruse related topics or indulging in some continuing education to keep up with the latest JAVA tech trends.

What is the salary range for a Java Developer profile?

While not disclosed in most of the job descriptions, the salary a JAVA developer may require is a topic of utmost importance for both IT specialists and talent recruiters.

A Java developer’s salary is directly proportional to skills and experience. Regardless of the credentials a Java developer possesses, they usually receive a salary higher than say, a web developer – thanks to the specialized knowledge they have.

A junior Java Developer with zero to minimal experience typically draws a salary anywhere close to €2,000 per month. Moderately experienced Java developers can take home a salary anywhere between €2,600 and €2,900. A senior Java Developer, on the other hand, can easily command a monthly salary of anywhere between €3,600 and €3,700.

Moreover, experienced developers can see themselves in project manager roles at a firm if they meet the expectations of their employers. Skills usually expected from a future project manager are excellent core skills, several years of experience, strong organizational and teamwork skills, etc. An experienced developer can expect a significant boost in salary upon becoming a project manager at a company, which can fall in the €5,000 and €6,400 range, or €4,167 and €5,334.

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