Why the French Riviera is the place to live right now!

From beautiful architectural buildings to incredible food and drink, France is one of the best places to live right now and, according to surveys, the French Riviera is one of the greatest coasts to live in the heart of Europe.

The French Riviera is popular with expatriates and visitors, which is not surprising due to the 300 days of sunshine to enjoy every year and also the fact that you are at 1 hour drive from Italy ski resorts. You can enjoy different activities such as swimming for lunch, or  savor a nice meal, because this area is famous for its culinary prowess. Due to the fact that there are many expats living in the area, the French Riviera is  85% an English speaking area, so if you don’t know French yet, it’s not a problem.

It sounds fantastic… but what other benefits do I have, besides sunny days, in the French Riviera?



Well, that wasn’t just a simple, bohemian introduction about the French Riviera to catch your eye and to convince you to move there in a few months ( or right now! ? ). Relocating to a country such as France will give you a lot of benefits such as:

  • 35 days off – The annual paid leave is set by labour laws at 5 weeks per year, meaning 25 days. But they also have a thing called RTT ( Réduction du Temps de Travail ) in English would be Reduction of Working Time, where you have 10 additional free days
  • Short weekly working time – The legal working hours in France is set to 35 hours per week instead of 39 or 40 hours. 
  • The best health system in the world – In 2000, the World Health Organization, considered that France had almost the best health system in the world, being rated higher than other countries in the continent.
  • Great education for your children – If you relocate to France, then you must enroll your children into the French education system. Considered to be of a high standard, schools in France are also free.

Caught your interest a bit more, but you still need some information in order to click on one of the job descriptions below?



Then let us tell you that with a French contract you will have the following benefits:

  • The pension and survival risk
  • The health risk

It includes illness, disability, occupational accidents and diseases.

  • The maternity and family risk

It includes daily allowances, the allowance for young children, family allowances, aid for child care and the bulk of housing assistance.

  • The employment risk.

It consists of unemployment benefits, aid to reinsertion and professional rehabilitation, and early retirement.

  • The risk of poverty and exclusion

It is taken in charge by 80% by the minimum income (RSA)

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