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SkillValue is Expanding Their Talent Base to the UK Market

SkillValue, Pentalog’s flagship IT recruitment and assessment platform, is expanding to the United Kingdom. Starting today, UK businesses will be able to take advantage of SkillValue’s candidate recruitment and assessment capabilities, which helped 100 businesses recruit 500 long-term contractors and freelancers, and offshore and nearshore developers globally in 2018.

Our unrelenting focus on value-adding tech and digital services led us to continue our growth in the UK, a great market for our services—one, I think, that will have a lot to offer in terms of both community and business.

SkillValue Will Tour The UK

SkillValue is part of the UK and is making it known. This year, SkillValue will be present at the International JAX DevOps Conference and of course, the SkillValue tour across the UK to meet developers, DevOps professionals, data scientists, and other members of UK’s developer community.

We’re going there to meet software and web developers and help them work together as part of SkillValue. Startup founders, small-to-medium sized enterprises and established businesses can all benefit from our solutions across disciplines. Whether it’s recruitment, outsourcing, technical consulting, or digital strategy, through SkillValue you can access the entire service range powered by the Pentalog digital service platform.

Expanding to the UK

SkillValue will bring its global community to London, UK, a truly international city in which many of Western Europe’s best technologists are found. Drawing on its previous work in skills assessment and recruitment for freelance coding work, SkillValue, through Pentalog, will unite the European developer community in the UK through its flagship SaaS platform made to test and rank developers worldwide.

By expanding into the UK, we’re looking to do more than just make money. We also want to expand the UK’s developer community with our 600-assessment platform to help UK developers assess themselves against their peers, which we hope will encourage more activity in the space there. But we’re doing more than just testing. SkillValue’s UK roadshow will rally the UK developer community around SkillValue’s tech masterclasses and innovation meetups, and engage opportunities to mesh with services around artificial intelligence.

UK businesses will benefit from SkillValue’s automated recruiting features, which facilitate interviewing, assessing, and matching of talent to companies looking to hire developers for variable-length engagements. With SkillValue’s expansion to the UK, UK businesses will gain the privilege of supplementing their own workforce at any point, for any length of time, with tech talent at a discount from Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

SkillValue’s expansion will act to extend its functionality to UK residents and businesses. Developers in the UK will benefit from SkillValue’s commitment to identifying and deploying quality talent to solve challenging tech problems across industries. SkillValue will unite the UK tech community by centralizing it within the SkillValue platform, allowing UK-based community members to work anywhere in the world from the comfort of their own homes. By spreading our community members into businesses all over the country, SkillValue will truly provide skill-based value everywhere.

Educating the Community

SkillValue is more than a platform—it’s a community. Members of the company’s 500,000 developer online community gain access to the platform’s full suite of event series, training, hackathons, and more. In particular, community members are able to personally benefit from special masterclasses by experts on their various coding languages, such as Node.js and React.js. SkillValue makes this possible by partnering with conference providers to source experts both within and from outside of the company to accelerate the learning trajectory of SkillValue community members.