Author: Eric Gouin

Top Freelancing Platforms: Website Comparison

Top Freelancing Platforms

Be it major corporations, start-ups or SMEs, freelancing is a system of collaboration that is increasingly valued by companies, insofar as they desire: Immediate access to specific skills Flexibility to adapt their teams to their backlogs Cost savings in comparison with traditional recruitment Contractual convenience As a reflection of this trend, which is here to […]

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SkillValue: A Community Service to UK Developers

skillvalue - uk

Elevating the Community Part of SkillValue’s main value proposition to prospective community members in the UK is the number of events and recreational technical activities members gain access to once they join. Collaboration is the source from which SkillValue derives profit, value, and partnership from and with major tech companies and various startups around the […]

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SkillValue is Expanding Their Talent Base to the UK Market

skillvalue uk

SkillValue, Pentalog’s flagship IT recruitment and assessment platform, is expanding to the United Kingdom. Starting today, UK businesses will be able to take advantage of SkillValue’s candidate recruitment and assessment capabilities, which helped 100 businesses recruit 500 long-term contractors and freelancers, and offshore and nearshore developers globally in 2018. Our unrelenting focus on value-adding tech […]

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