From Programmer to Entrepreneur: Daniel Kaufman’s Brooklyn Labs

Having been mentored by a MIT professor, Daniel Kaufman is a new breed of entrepreneur dedicated to transforming ideas into sustainable business models. With 20+ years working in software and hardware, he is founder and CEO of Brooklyn Labs, a global think tank headquartered in Brooklyn, offering mobile app development services. Originally from Boston, Daniel has worked throughout the world from Stockholm to London, Norfolk to San Francisco and Detroit to New York.

Coding since when?
I’ve been writing computer code since I was 7 years old. I have over 20 years experience in managing development teams and running businesses.

How did you start?
From an early age I had a mentor who was a professor at MIT. From her I realized that I wanted to be involved in computer science.

What programming languages do you know?
I have a knowledge of Frameworks, templates, and scripting languages including JavaScript frameworks/libraries, Ruby on Rails, Flex/ActionScript, JSP/Velocity/Freemarker, PHP/WordPress, XSLT, and GWT

Your biggest challenge as a coder so far?
Developing the first iOS and Android applications that allowed drivers to communicate with their vehicles

Which was the first start-up you’ve launched?
Back in the late ’90s we built games for handheld devices

What was the most difficult part in launching it?
Making sure you have the time right team and are able to deliver on your ideas

Did you have any help?
You have to leverage your network. Never be afraid to ask people questions.

How did being a software developer help you in your entrepreneurial work?
Being a software developer helps you understand complex ideas and figure out how to implement them. As an entrepreneur, you need those skills and more.

What are the start-ups you are working on at the moment?
I have several startups that I am currently involved with. Brooklyn Labs is a global think tank headquartered in Brooklyn offering mobile app development services for Apple iOS and Android as well as any other type of mobile platform. We are a new breed of entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming ideas into sustainable business models.

What’s next for Brooklyn Labs? 
We are looking to grow our business on a global level. As fast as technology is changing, we are experts at staying ahead of the latest trend and using that to help our clients be successful.

Any advice for a software developer that plans to become an entrepreneur?
Don’t be afraid. You have to try. It’s an amazing experience to watch something you’ve dreamed of grow into to something real. 

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