SkillValue To Launch Tech Freelancing & Assessment Services in NYC

NYC –The Pentalog Group’s HR foundation, SkillValue is set to launch freelance services in NYC.

With an already established NYC presence by way of our software development core Pentalog Software Factory, SkillValue services are scheduled to make landfall in “The Big Apple” by July 25th of this year to offer US clients freelance assessment services and talent sourcing.

Our previous success with 10 existing North American clients in fields such as Medtech, IoT, eCommerce, Education & Retail has motivated us to start building a US freelancing community in which companies of all sizes can take advantage of our hands-on, multi-layered approach to freelancing and IT assessment.

NYC Businesses & the Fight for Top Tech Talent

New York City has long been revered as having one of the largest and most diverse business ecosystems of the world, a place where talent thrives and competition is fierce. North America’s 2nd most populous city serves as fertile ground to thousands of tech companies who choose to sew seeds of prosperity there; between them is a constant fight to attract the crème de la crème of the labor market. The proliferation of companies in deep need of tech talent now outweighs the amount of available, qualified applicants – making talent sourcing a primary concern for companies trying to grow or make a name for themselves.

SkillValue was created with the goal of helping companies alleviate growing pains of scaling operations by boosting their teams – and the choice to start building our freelancing community in NYC is a clear step forward in aiding clients in their search for a highly specialized, independent workforce.

Through the Pentalog platform, SkillValue will now offer businesses the talent they need to round out their technical teams by connecting them with certified freelance developers, digital marketers, data scientists, DevOps specialists and more.

IT Assessment Services for Freelancers with SkillValue

To support our talent sourcing efforts, SkillValue’s SaaS platform comes with 600+ regularly updated technical quizzes we use to source, assess, handpick and rank developers. Freelancer assessment can be done on-site or remotely on desktops, laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

In addition, clients can take advantage of our campaign management tool used to create & launch single page campaigns which candidates use to sign up for and receive technical tests. To back our developer assessment offer, applicants are interviewed by our own CTO’s to gauge interpersonal skills such as dedication, communication and alignment with company culture.

Uniting the Coding Community

SkillValue is dedicated to keeping the developer community engaged and inspired by regularly hosting coding competitions, hackathons and knowledge sharing sessions – open to all freelancers and tech enthusiasts alike.

Join our community, compete to win fun prizes and get noticed!