Tech Meetup: The SkillValue Tour is back on the road! Will we see you in the UK or on the other side of the Channel?

Are you coming to the next Tech Meetup?

SkillValue’s experts will be going on the road again this year to meet up with developers, freelancers and start-ups all over the United Kingdom and France.

What’s on the agenda?
Lots of Tech Meetups with our in-house experts. For startups, we’ll be looking at recruitment and MVPs, while for developers it’ll be about tech and for freelancers the focus will be client portfolios. It’ll be a time for sharing what we know – and a great networking opportunity too.

Is there a SkillValue Tour event happening near you?

There’s a pretty good chance there is, as our tour will be visiting 4 major cities in the UK and 10 in France.
Make sure you don’t miss any of our Tech Meetups, by registering with the group you’re interested in. That way you’ll be sure to receive all the latest info about events taking place near you. And it also works if you don’t actually live near any of the cities but visit one of them regularly!

Who are Tech Meetups for?

Maybe you’ve created a startup but you don’t know how to launch your product or recruit a solid, reliable team.

Maybe you’ve decided to go freelance – congratulations! But you’d either have to be two people or, at the very least, there would have to be 48 hours in a day if you’re going to get all your jobs done and at the same time look for the next ones. How do you become a successful freelancer?

Anyone can be a developer these days. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to be the best. How do you keep up in an increasingly competitive market?

Go digital or die. Companies that can’t – or won’t – go digital are putting their very survival at risk. Recruiters are working against the clock to adjust and to find IT experts to work with – fast!

If you think any of these situations apply to you, then our Tech Meetups are just what you need!

Tech Meetup: Check out the programme!

Depending on whether you’re a startup, freelancer, developer or recruiter, we’ve prepared a range of topics for each Tech Meetup – here’s a sneak preview:


How do you build an MVP? In fact, what IS an MVP exactly?
How do you test a developer for a startup effectively?


How do you make a lasting success of freelancing?


Hackathons on various technologies: Java, PHP, C++, Ruby, Python, etc.
Tech Meetups on AI, Big Data, Node.js etc.
Agility, DevOps, Kubernetes: how do you address a company’s challenges?


How do you improve your IT recruitment process?

And that’s just for starters! Whatever your profile, if you’d like our experts to look into a particular topic during a Tech Meetup, just let us know via social media or email.

So, shall we see you soon? Don’t forget to register on your city’s Meetup page if you want to join us!

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