The cost of living in the French Riviera

Dreaming of living in the French Riviera, but the costs scare you? Let me tell you that you can live in the French Riviera without being a celebrity.

Of course your expenses will vary depending on the size of the property and the area you want to live. If you choose to live around Sophia-Antipolis or Nice, you might notice that the cost of living will not differ that much from the country that you live right now. Best of all, the entire area has many scenic seaside towns, and fascinating history and culture.


One great thing about living in the French Riviera (and the whole of France, for the matter) is access to fresh, healthy food without breaking your bank.

Considering that the French Riviera is the Mediterranean coast of Southeast France, travelers and residents alike have access to huge markets with locally sourced and offshore fresh fish and sea food. Fresh food in general is easy to find, as every town has shops selling produce and handmade goods, such as brioche and croissants. Since it’s locally sourced, it costs far less than anywhere else: the cost of a single baguette averages 80 cents. Supermarket chains like Carrefour, are situated on the outskirts of each town and sell a large variety of products—usually for less than specialty shops. Also, residents lead mostly relaxed lives, and shop at the end of the week.

Locations and costs

If you want to rent an apartment in the center of town, then it will definitely be a bit pricey. We recommend searching outside of town, where average housing prices range between 500 and 600 euro per month. Don’t worry, on the Cote d’Azur, out of town means living in a charming, picturesque village that is near the sea or the mountain, depending on your preferences. The view is gorgeous and the infrastructure is really good, so you won’t spend too much driving.

It will also be a great opportunity for you to spend your free time on the shore, swimming, running or going on a road trip into the mountains. You will have the perfect weather all the time, not to mention the captivating scenery. Amazing! You will use your photos as wallpapers, trust me.

When you need to get from point A to point B you can use the train, tram or bus. If you choose bus, then it will cost you around 10 euro for 10 tickets. If you prefer driving, then you should know that 1 liter of gas costs about 1.42 euro. As in all major cities, commuting comes with traffic, during rush hours from 7 to 9 in the morning and 17 to 19 in the evening.

As for utilities, again it will depend on the area that your rent. We recommend you an apartment where you will pay around 150 euro/ month, meaning electricity, internet, TV cable, gas for a stove or heating.

Fun/free time

Known for their gastronomic finesse and flavor, French food has influenced cuisine all over the world for decades. If you are in the mood to go out and have dinner with your loved one, then you should know that it will cost around 40 euro, depending on the restaurant that you choose. If junk food is more your forte, pizza is usually around €10-12.

Cinemas are very popular in France and you can find them anywhere. A ticket should be around 15-18 euro, depending on the type of movies that you want to watch – normal, 3D, 4D.


Now, let’s make a sample monthly budget:








Transport tickets


Dinner for 2







~ 900


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