SkillValue Tour 2019: Follow our journey & come meet us!

In 2019, we are excited to bring back our SkillValue Tour, making 40 stops throughout France and the United Kingdom.

What is the SkillValue Tour?

It is a series of tech events happening in 10 cities throughout France and the UK’s capital city. We’ll be coming to you in such cities as London, Paris, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Rennes, Strasbourg, Montpellier & Marseille. This will be an opportunity for us to bring together and exchange ideas with the startup ecosystem in varied and innovative fields like AI, BigData, Freelancing, HR as well as weave a link between the communities who define French & English tech.

This year for our SkillValue Tour we scheduled 5 events to take place on the same day:

  • 12h PM – Freelancers? Monetize the projects you don’t even take on!
  • 12h PM – Test your idea with a MVP. Production & financing.
  • 18h PM – Improve your IT recruitment process with skill assessment
  • 6h PM – Node.JS Masterclass
  • 6h PM – Data Science at the core of AI predictive services

Register in our Tech Meetups:

Paris-Tech-Meetups (events twice per month)
London-Tech-Meetups (events in april, september, december)
Lille-Tech-Meetups (events in january, april, november)
Lyon-Tech-Meetups (events in february, may, october)
Nantes-Tech-Meetups (events in march)
Montpellier-Tech-Meetups (events In october)
Bordeaux-Tech-Meetups (events in may)
Rennes-Tech-Meetups (events in september)
Toulouse-Tech-Meetups (events in june)
Marseille-Tech-Meetups (events in november)

Who is our Target Audience?

Entrepreneurs, accelerators, investors, key accounts, universities, students, freelancers, & decision-makers involved in the local economies.

    • For Startups:

We will exchange views & share insight about possible setbacks when creating a MVP (minimum viable product).

Eric, CEO of Pentalabbs, is our speaker for this meetup. He has had the opportunity to source several hundred early-stage startup projects as well as Series A startups and understands the difficulties of making the very first invested euros count. He will also discuss our partnership with Finamatic, a company that can help you in the preliminary and later stages of your startup.

    • 3 Events for Developers:

On each stop of the SkillValue Tour, we will be holding a coding competition open to students involved in computer science. Prizes for the top performers will be awarded at our Node.JS Masterclass, held by Benoit Fillon, CTO of SkillValue. He will outline the basics of Node.JS and illustrate its main concepts using a practical case. (sources will be available on Github)

Cornel Fatulescu, CTO of Pentalog, will host a meetup on Data Science where he will explain how predictive technologies are designed and then implemented using a live demo with AzureML.

    • For Freelancers:

We will share insight into how a freelancer can take advantage and get the most out of prospective project opportunities. With Benoit Fillon, our CTO, you will discover how to increase your income by becoming a SkillValue franchised freelancer.

    • For Recruiters:

SkillValue will introduce its IT solution for candidate evaluation. The SkillValue platform helps assess the technical competencies of your future developers regardless of their profile (front-end, back-end, mobile, DevOps, data etc.) and thanks to our catalog of over 500 tests, safeguards your recruitment process.