Definition: The Front-End Developer

Definition The Front-End Developer

The definition of the Front-End Developer The title “Front-End Developer” emerged as a result of the appearance of “rich” or “2.0” or “Single Page Applications” web applications. This was done in order to distinguish the classic HTML/CSS integrator from the “new generation” JavaScript Developer who is comfortable working with advanced and complex frameworks, such as […]

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Discover our new technical tests & accelerate the screening of your candidates with SkillValue


SkillValue’s New Tests for December Starting this month, SkillValue is offering a new series of technical tests to assess and help recruit Front and Back-End developers specialized in C# 7 and Angular 8. In addition, at the request of our ESN and Key Account customers, we have added new tests in Numerical Reasoning and COBOL. […]

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Machine Learning Testing: When Robots are No Longer Fiction, It’s Time to Keep Skills Sharp.

Machine Learning Testing When Robots are No Longer Fiction, It’s Time to Keep Skills Sharp.

As the era of Machine Learning (ML) has already gained significant traction and many companies are using its mechanism to their advantage, machine learning skills are an increasingly sought-after asset. Algorithms used in Machine Learning can help companies identify critical insights in data, create connections between two actions to make a prediction based on their […]

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#Definition : The DevOps Engineer


The Definition of the DevOps Engineer When thinking about the DevOps Engineer’s job description, the position is best defined as the contraction of  words ‘Developer’ and ‘Operations’; ‘Operations’, in the sense of ‘Exploit’ aka. ‘Use’ of an application delivered by a developer. Traditionally, development teams and production teams are separate and they communicate solely through […]

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