How can SmartQuizzes be used to recruit developers?

Skillvalue tests - Smartquiz

SkillValue SmartQuizzes are multi-stack technical tests that cover a range of skills, randomised so each applicant receives a unique set of questions. The process happens in 3 steps. Find out all about our SMARTQUIZZES on the latest version of SkillValue by creating your free trial account here. Step #1 – Create a quiz testing multiple […]

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Why use SmartQuizzes to recruit your developers?

Test report - SkillValue

SkillValue SmartQuizzes are multi-stack technical tests, carefully curated for a specific range of technical skills. Each applicant receives a different test, featuring a selection of questions on PHP, JavaScript, .Net, React, Angular, CSS, and more. Create your SkillValue account and receive a 10-day free trial – unlimited tests – unlimited applicants. Reason #1 – Every […]

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JavaScript is here!

You asked for it, now it’s here. SkillValue celebrates the launch of the JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages of the world, according to Matt Weinberger from Business Insider. Our coding platform is designed for programmers that love a good puzzle and have a problem-solving mindset. And since its launch on our platform, […]

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The new code editor is here

Someone said once “from small beginnings come great things” and reality is here to prove it. 2 years ago, when we first decided to launch a coding platform specially designed for programmers who enjoy a good puzzle and have a problem-solving mindset, the enthusiasm was high but now it’s almost contagious. Why? Well, because of […]

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New quiz – What’s new on PHP7?

Back in the early 90’s, Rasmus Lerdorf wanted to build a templating language but the world needed more, and together with his colleagues included business logic too, and so the PHP programming language was born. 24 years later, PHP is used by more than 80% of all the websites. Popular sites like Wikipedia, Facebook, […]

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