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Machine Learning Testing: When Robots are No Longer Fiction, It’s Time to Keep Skills Sharp.

Machine Learning Testing When Robots are No Longer Fiction, It’s Time to Keep Skills Sharp.

As the era of Machine Learning (ML) has already gained significant traction and many companies are using its mechanism to their advantage, machine learning skills are an increasingly sought-after asset. Algorithms used in Machine Learning can help companies identify critical insights in data, create connections between two actions to make a prediction based on their […]

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#Definition : The DevOps Engineer

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The Definition of the DevOps Engineer When thinking about the DevOps Engineer’s job description, the position is best defined as the contraction of  words ‘Developer’ and ‘Operations’; ‘Operations’, in the sense of ‘Exploit’ aka. ‘Use’ of an application delivered by a developer. Traditionally, development teams and production teams are separate and they communicate solely through […]

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Definition : Mobile Developer


With the increasing use of mobile phones to do everything from shopping to banking – along with their responsive design, it has become much more commonplace for consumers to migrate onto mobile platforms. This proliferation has led to the emergence of a relatively new professional group focused on the development of software systems for mobile […]

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Definition: The Ruby on Rails Developer

Definition The Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails Developer Definition In the world of computer science and programming, certain skills and qualities are rarer and more in demand than others. This is the case for Ruby on Rails Developers who are currently highly sought after by many companies across several fields. Unfortunately, there are few profiles that outline the skills […]

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Definition of a Data Scientist


The business of data science involves the management and analysis of large data sets, or “big data.” A Data Scientists’ main objective is to give meaning and value to this data. So, skills in statistical analysis, coding and mathematics are necessary to complete this job. This area of work sets itself apart from that of […]

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