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Why use SmartQuizzes to recruit your developers?

Test report - SkillValue

SkillValue SmartQuizzes are multi-stack technical tests, carefully curated for a specific range of technical skills. Each applicant receives a different test, featuring a selection of questions on PHP, JavaScript, .Net, React, Angular, CSS, and more. Create your SkillValue account and receive a 10-day free trial – unlimited tests – unlimited applicants. Reason #1 – Every […]

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New quiz – What’s new on Angular 4?

AngularJS, the open source JavaScript framework, was released in 2014 by a team of skilled developers from Google. It was meant to build dynamic and elegant web apps. The framework was born mainly as an answer to the challenges encountered when developing single-page applications. Its main goals were simplification and adding some structure to the […]

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Techno of the week – React JS

ReactJS is taking over the web development, some say that by storm, we agree. Created by  Jordan Walke and his colleagues from Facebook,  the open-source JavaScript library was 1st deployed on Facebook’s newsfeed in 2011 and 1 year later, on Instagram.  In 2015, because React architecture has proved tremendously successful, the framework has been brought […]

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5 Programming Blogs You Should Really Read If You Are a Software Developer

We’ve made a list with the very basic bloggers every software developer should read. As the word “basic” implies, it’s a non-exhaustive list, but as a coder, you’ll definitely find each and every blog listed below more than useful in boosting your software developing skills and enhancing your IT career overall.  1. Coding Horror One of […]

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