The most popular IT quizzes in March 2016

top popular tests ITtestsOnline.comHello world!

It seems that in March infrastructure guys conquered our top. Thank you, guys, for always  paying attention to all your phone and mail alerts and for placing Windows Server medium quiz and Linux medium quiz on the 1st and 5th place, respectively. We promise we won’t forget about July 29, your special SysAdmin Appreciation Day. 🙂

Second place goes to SQL. No surprise here. SQL is everywhere around us and everyone who works in a digital business should learn it. Why? Because SQL makes you a creator, not a consumer. Pretty cool, right?

And if in February the general IT knowledge quiz was on the 1st place, in March this test seems to have lost some ground and come down on 3rd place. We really recommend it because it takes you on a wonderful journey on how tech has changed our world.

PHP 5.6 is among the latest stable releases in the PHP family but on the 4th place in our popularity top. We know that PHP 7.0 is up and running and we can’t wait to see the community’s reactions.

See you soon on! Dare to imagine something new and do not forget that the right apps can make the difference. We have the power to change the world we live in or at least to improve it. Have you heard about our #codeforlife 48-hour online hackathon? If not, read about it here and remember: this is only the 1st episode.