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The cost of living in the French Riviera

Dreaming of living in the French Riviera, but the costs scare you? Let me tell you that you can live in the French Riviera without being a celebrity. Of course your expenses will vary depending on the size of the property and the area you want to live. If you choose to live around Sophia-Antipolis […]

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SkillValue Tour 2019 comes to London

What is SkillValue? SkillValue is your full-stack assessment solution that goes the extra mile to get you the tech services and talent you need. We are constantly increasing the number and types of technology we use in our quest to be better to our customers, and to learn and do more faster and smarter. In […]

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We learn together – and we raise our SkillValue

The context Over the course of the last 8 years, we’ve ran hundreds of experiments aiming to understand and support the members of the IT&C community in their professional endeavors. It’s their desire to understand their current technical level, align their expectations accordingly and further improve their skills, which drives more than 15000 developers worldwide […]

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